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Credit Card Authorization

Please complete this form if paying by credit card. Fax the completed form to,


House of Deals, appreciates your cooperation so that we may better safeguard the rights and privileges of credit card users.

Card Type: Visa______ Master Card_____ Discover_____ Amex_____

Card Number_____________________________________________________________

Expiration Date_______________________________V Code_______________________


Name EXACTLY as it appears on Card:_________________________________________

Authorized Users:__________________________________________________________

Billing Address of Card Holder:________________________________________________


Company Name:___________________________________________________________

I hereby authorize House of Deals to process payment for the orders to the above referred credit card. These orders will be made by the above listed authorized users and I assume responsibility for payment. Any changes, such as adding or deleting users, will be made in writing to House of Deals. I have read the above referenced conditions and hereby agree to the terms.

Card Holder Signature:______________________________________________________


 California Resale Certificate


California Resale Certificate

1. I hold valid seller’s permit Number________________________________________

2. I am engaged in the business of selling the following type of tangible personal property_____________________________________

3. This certificate if for the purchase from House of Deals of the item (s)

Name of Purchaser____________________________________________Title____________________________________________

Siganture____________________________________________________Printed Name_____________________________________

Adress of Purchaser___________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone #_____________________________________Date______________________________________

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