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EP25PST Cellet 2.5mm Stereo Earpiece For Blackberry 8830, 8700, 8100 Pearl, & etc.

List Price: $12.99
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Item Number: EP25PST
Manufacturer Part No: EP25PST


This Earpiece allows you to talk on your cell phone and keep both your hands free. Use this Hands Free Headset while you work or drive. This device provides the convenience of clear communication and reduces your contact with harmful radiation that comes from your cell phone.

Features and Specifications:

How to use:
Plug the connector into your phone's audio output jack.
Call the number you want.

To answer:
Push on/Off button
On/Off switch will function on Phones that support this feature

Compatible with:

SCH-i760, SCH-U410, M300, SCH-U540, SCH-U340, SCH-U620, SCH-U520, SPH-M500, SGH-C416, SGH-C417, SGH-D407, SGH-D347, SCH-i830, IP-830w, SGH-T319/ T309, SCH-A850, SCH-A790, SCH-A795, IP-A790, SCH-A670, SGH X506, Snap, SPH-A640, U470 Juke, SCH-U700 Gleam, SCH-U900 FlipShot, SCH-U550, Glyde U940, SPH-Z400, Knack U310, SPH-M320, SPH-M220, Rant M540, JetSet R550, U430, Saga i770, Renown U810, Hue II R600, SCH-R211, Smooth SCH-U350, Tint SCH-R420, Alias 2 SCH-U750, Gloss SCH-U440, MyShot II / R460, Exclaim M550, M330, M240, Stunt SCH-R100, Stride, Haven, Intensity II, Gusto, M360

V365, Q9m, W385, W315, Q, A840, V195, V197, E815, E816 Hollywood, V323, V325, V323i, V325i, C290, RIZR Z6tv, W375, Q9c, W755, V950, Adventure V750, W376 / W377, W370, C261 / C257, Rapture VU30, VU204, ACTV W450, W260g, W233 Renew, i290, VE465, Clutch i465, Brute i680, Quantico V840 / V845, i410, i1, Rambler, Bali, i296

C3b, PN-820, PN-215/CDM-8915, Snapper, PN-300, PN-3200, CDM-8932, Ocean, PN-8300 / Hero, CDM-8635

VX-8350, VX-8550 Chocolate, VX-8700, VX-9400, VX-9900 enV, VX-3400, UX-210, VX-5300, UX-245, AX-245, VX-8300, VX-4700, VX-4650, AX-4750, UX-4750, LX-160/Flare, Muziq / AX-565 / UX-565, LX-570, Wave AX-380/ UX-380, AX-145, AX-140, Aloha, 200c, AX-275, VX-8600, AX-8600, AX-490, AX-355, UX-355, AX-390, UX-390, VX-3300, 3280, CG225, Fusic / LX550, 1010, VX-10, VX-2000, VX-4400, VX-3100, VX-6100, Rumor / Scoop / UX-260, VX-5400, VX-10000 Voyager, Venus VX-8800, AX-830 Glimmer, VX9100 enV2, Decoy VX-8610, LX-400, AX-300 / UX-300, Lotus, AX-155, VX-5500, Swift AX-500, VX-8360, Rumor2, enV3 VX-9200, Glance (VX-7100 / UX-7100), LX-370 / UX-370, VI150, Accolade VX-5600, UX-220 / 220c, Remarq, VM-101 / CM-101, Clout, Octane

2610, 2365i, 2366i, 6315i, 6215i, 2865i, 6275i, 1600, 6061, 6165i, 6300, 2135, 6263, 3555, 1208, E71, E66, 6205, 6301 / 6300i, 1606, 1680, 2600 Classic, 6650 fold, 2605 Mirage, 1006, 7510, 7205 Intrigue, 1661
Motorola iDen / Nextel: ic902 Deluxe, ic402 Blend, ic502 Buzz, i880, i885, i580, i930, i920, i560, i850, i855, i450, i455, i415, i760, i355, i325, i830, i833, i835, i836, i335, i570, i365 / i365IS, i576, i776, i410

8830, 8700c, 8700g, 8800, 8703e, 7100t, 7100i, 7100g, 7105t, 7290, 7230, 8100 Pearl, 8820, 7130e, 7130c, 7130g

Apache, Mogul/XV6800/ PPC6800/P4000

Strobe K612 / SwitchBack, KX12, Marbl / K132 / Velvet, Cyclops K325/K312, Oystr KX9d/KX9e, KX9A, Slider Remix KX5 / Slider Sonic, KX433/ KX434 /K10 / RAVE / ROYAL, Wild Card/Lingo/M1000, K322/K323, S1000/K126c, Dorado KX13, Candid KX16, Deco E1000, Mako S4000, Adreno S2400 / TNT!, Neo E1100, Melo S1300, X-tc M2000, Tomo S2410, Domino S1310, Torino S2300

Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, Treo 755p, Treo 650, Centro 685
Danger/Sidekick: Hiptop2/ Sidekick II, Sidekick iD, Sidekick 3, Sidekick Slide

Katana II, SCP-3200, SCP-7050, M1, SCP-2400, S1, PRO-700, PRO-200, Katana LX, Katana Eclipse, SCP-2700, Vero
UT Starcom: Coupe 8630, CDM-8905, CDM-8945, PN-230, PPC-6700, XV-6700, CDM-1450 Super Slice, PCS-1400 Slice, CDM-120/CDM-7025, CDM-7026, Arc CDM-8074, Blitz

CDM-8615, Vox 8610, CDM-8910, PM-8912, Flasher V7

C78, C77, Essenze C70, MSGM8 II, Salute, CAPTR II / A210

M328, M228

EZ, A100, Cal-Comp MSGM8

Shuttle CDM-8964 / CDM-8965, CDM-8950, CDM-8975

Hitachi Brigade C741, Hitachi Ravine

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